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Lady, or Boy?

Jad & The Ladyboy

Urbandictionary defines “Ladyboy” as: Ladyboy A Male naturaly with all the attributes of a woman except for the plumbing. A true Ladyboy does not need surgery or makeup to look like a woman, nor is there a need to try and sound like a woman it is all natural for them. If you go in … Continue reading


Motif – Silicone Serende

  Motif is a production duo comprised of Josimar, a DJ, and David Walker, a producer who also goes by the name of Wokeye. Silicone Serenade sounds like everything I enjoy about contemporary, trendy deep house. It’s got a jackin’ vocal loop and some spacey, twinkly sounds over a BIG bassline. While the bassline is … Continue reading

Henry Greenwood Edits

Henry Greenwood is a gentleman of a British DJ who I was recently made aware of thanks to his tracks frequently appearing in Greg Wilson mixes.   He takes songs you’ve heard a hundred times before and adds just a hint of 4-on-the-floor house backbone. His edits tease you with anticipation, but always deliver the … Continue reading


Luxxury Edits

  Luxxury, formally called Baron Von Luxxury, is an LA-based DJ, producer and re-editor. While the Baron possess a long discography filled with an impressive list of collaborators and remix clients, as well as an outstanding music blog, in my estimation, his recent re-edits of popular classics are far and away the best work he’s … Continue reading


Lee Webster – Give You More

  Lee Webster is a Berlin-based producer and DJ originally from Spain who makes sleazy, sample-heavy house tracks with big fat clubby basslines. We’ve discussed him and his sexually explicit soundcloud persona on the blog before, but he’s started a new label, I Used To Sleep At Night and launched it with an original single … Continue reading


Yunizon Records – Midnight Lovers Edition

  Yunizon Records is a Paris & London-based digi label that has been pushing out compilations from its own small stable of artists, usually available in the form of a free soundcloud download. A handful of tracks off “Midnight Lovers Edition” really stand out:   First, a lovely piece of slowed-down, disco-drenched french house from … Continue reading

ryde or dye

Frank Booker – Ruff House

  Frank Booker is a New Zealand-based DJ and re-editor who came to my attention a few weeks back for his popular soundcloud freebie, Hope:     He put it up for digital after the original vinyl quickly sold out, and you can hear why it did. It’s a lovely piece of slow building, chugging … Continue reading

Danito & Athina

Danito & Athina are a romantically-involved production & dj duo based in Cologne, Germany.   A track off their recent record on Jeudi Records caught my ear, not only for featuring a big booming organ melody, but because it samples one of the best disco jams of all time, Instant Funk – Got My Mind … Continue reading

the master


  Looking for some free edits for Christmas? Stuff your soundcloud stocking with Mastercue‘s loopy disco creations.     The Parisian disco-lover takes snippets from venerable dance floor staples and turns out fun, short little feet-shufflers.     His tracks are equal parts house and boogie with a slight filter-y french touch. Yes, these are … Continue reading

Hiding Place

Hiding Place

Hiding Place is a Philly-based crate-digger who has taken to soundcloud to share his rare, no doubt dusty gems with the world.   He sprays all over the musical field, but seems to have a special interest in rare funk and boogie records:   In fact, it was in seeking out this “nutz” track: in … Continue reading


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